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Chaitan Khosla, Professor, Stanford University

Chaitan Khosla is a Professor in the Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Stanford University and the founding director of the university’s Innovative Medicines Accelerator. He received his PhD in 1990 at Caltech. After completing postdoctoral studies in 1992, he joined the faculty of Stanford University.

In 2002 he and his collaborators discovered that the immunotoxicity of dietary gluten in celiac disease is causatively correlated to its intestinal proteolytic resistance, a finding that led to the invention of latiglutenase by his laboratory.

He has co-authored over 380 peer-reviewed publications and is an inventor on more than 80 issued U.S. patents. Khosla is an elected member of the American Academy for Arts and Science, the National Academy of Engineering, and the National Academy of Sciences. Over the past three decades, he has helped launch and build four biotechnology companies including Kosan Biosciences (NASDAQ:KOSN; acquired by Bristol Myers Squibb in 2008) and Sitari Pharmaceuticals (acquired by GlaxoSmithKline in 2019).