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“ImmunogenX” (a subsidiary of Immunogenics LLC) is a clinical-stage company founded in 2013 and supported by a team of world renowned scientists and collaborators. ImmunogenX was formed to address critical needs for individuals with suspected or diagnosed celiac disease.

Our research efforts are focused on therapy, disease management, and food safety. The only current recourse for an individual with celiac disease is a lifelong adherence to a gluten-free diet (GFD). A first area of development is a therapy for the treatment of patients exercising a diligent GFD. Latiglutenase is a digestive enzyme that degrades unintended ingestion of glutens in the body as an adjunct to a GFD. A second area of development involves a method of monitoring intestinal villi atrophy by measuring the level of a drug metabolite that is strongly dependent on the villi health. Even on a GFD the recovery of celiac intestinal damage is a slow process for which there is currently no effective means to monitoring improvement. A third area of development is based on  our research that has greatly expanded on the knowledge of gluten toxic peptide epitopes in wheat, barley and rye and allows far more accurate and sensitive measures of the gluten content in food.